Demo interpolate with Bezier curves

This is to demonstrate how we can use the rulyotano.math.interpolation.bezier library to draw a curve that pass through a set of ordered points.

You can find this demo's code base in here.

Feel free to play a bit with the points. You can:
  • Move the points

    (just desktop) Drag and drop the points withing the dark area.

  • Add new points

    Click inside the dark area. NOTE: the new point will be inserted in the best curve segment, in this case the closest one. Using a helper function from the libraries named: Helpers.bestPlaceToInsertPoint();

  • Remove points

    Click inside one point.

  • Choose smooth

    We can choose the smooth value used to generate the curve.

  • Choose if it is a close curve

    We can check if we want an open or close curve (close has no start or end)